Northwest Incident Support

Northwest Incident Support (formerly Stanwood Camano Incident Support), an outreach of Hope Unlimited, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve fire and law enforcement personnel and the communities they serve. This is accomplished through carefully chosen and trained Chaplains and other support volunteers who respond, when requested, to crisis scenes throughout North Snohomish County and Camano Island.

The Support 37, 46, 99 and 104 chaplains and support crews are called when there is a natural disaster, structural or brush fire, serious accident, need for a death notification, search and rescue, or other trauma. Their mission is to care for and comfort victims, families and first responders at critical incident scenes. 

NWIS Leadership Team

  • Dean Jenkin: Director-NWIS
  • Ralph Fry: Executive Director-Hope Unlimited
  • Jack Richards: Hope Unlimited Board Liaison
  • Laurie Jacobsen: Chaplain-North County Fire Authority
  • Jim Karstetter: Support 99 Team Member
  • Joel Smith: Battalion Chief-North County Fire Authority
  • Mike Boyle: Member-at-Large

NWIS Video